Our Mission and Vision

Our Mission

Our mission is to nurture every learner to the best of his/her potential through innovativeapproaches in an engaging environment.

Our Mission Objectives

To provide individualised extra lessons for children.

To help children do we well as possible within the boundaries of the Curriculum.

To assess and provide appropriate remedial, extension and enrichment material for children.

To help child to do better at school.

To co-operate with parents, children, teachers, schools and professional services by providing reports, comments and examples of action plans when appropriate and called for.

To work within the curriculum guidelines of the appropriate education authority.

To recognize that many of the children with special needs requirements will have lost confidence and faith in themselves and teachers as a whole and that they will require careful and sensitive handling.

To engender in the pupils a feeling of confidence that if they put in the effort, no matter what the result, they will receive recognition and appreciation both spoken and written in their books.

To structure the content and running of the lessons so that the children leave each lesson feeling successful.

Our Vision

Our vision is building a gracious community of active and creative learners who are global in outlook (regardless of race, belief and nationality), grounded in BASICS and rooted in values with a passion to “Envision for the FUTURE”.

Vision Objectives

Helping out students with difficulties in their studies

Producing the next generation of scholars and intellectual society.

To become the pioneer in education.

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